What is Tiger Country?

Tiger Country is a game and modeling project that involves on different degrees all the Bolt Action players of our association. Among the countless projects of new games, in the coming months, we will be engaged in individual modeling projects, calibrated on a well-defined historical theme of the Second World War: the summer of 1944 in Tuscany, the battles that preceded the liberation of Florence.

Our first date will be a multiplayer scenario played on multiple tables, which we have called Tiger Country. That’s how the New Zealand troops  called the ​​Chianti, a wine famous region South of Florence, because it was there that they had to face the dreaded German tank practically for the

first time. On this page you will find the description summary of the historical context in which we have placed our                     project.  The individual model play projects will be visible on our blog

The progress of individual projects carried on by the Bolt Action players

of our association will be published on our blog, where photos and ideas for the army composition, painting schemes, historical research will be collected.


For the game table we plan to create themed scenario elements, which can be used to represent at best the Tuscany of 1944.

The armies of this projects can be composed using the rules proposed in the "Duel in the Sun" Bolt Action supplement specifically designed for the Italian campaign. Inside can be found rules for the Maori battalion of the 2nd New Zealand division, Italian units of the Italian Social Republic, partisan bands, American veteran units or German paratroops. Some special rules related to the territory and the weather conditions can be used in the scenarios set in the warm Tuscan summer of 1944.

The forces on the battlefield include British and American units deployed against the Germans. Our players will be inspired by these forces to realize their own modeling projects. However, given the "open" nature of our project, the club players will still be able to use bands of Italian partisans, or Italians from the Social Republic. The only rule is to draw inspiration from the military organizations and armaments available in Tuscany in August 1944.

The conquest of Florence, for the Allies, represented a strategic step for the approach to the Gothic line. Our project focuses on the Battle for Florence: the advance through the Chianti of the XIII British Corps, which took place between 21st July and 5th August, date of the liberation of Florence. The project is not historically completely rigorous and every players interested in participating is welcome to take part with units not directly involved in the clashes in the Chianti region.

Internet is full of informations about the battle for Florence. One pf the sources we used the most is the work of Jeffrey Plowman, focusing on the 2nd New Zealand division. While the Battlefront OOP Flames of War supplement for "Road to Rome" and “Fortress Italy” are particularly useful.

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